Artist’s Statement
Art is a tool for expressing our hearts and heads.
The “idea” or “message” is the real gem.  Finding a medium that does justice to our
idea is a struggle.  Techniques and skills, availability, time constraints, cost, the
public ear and eye for what we try to share, health and energy all seem to add to that
effort.  Learning our lessons from life and finding the gem in the everyday is what life
is about.  Wisdom is needed to recognize the gem, give it a home in us and know
when it’s enough a part of us to share and be authentic. At times I find what I see on
my canvas has never been a conscious thought to me but I recognize it as a part of
me.  Without art I stand mute.
Ruth Gee
626 West Grant Street
Hastings, MI 49058
(269) 948-8877